Deadbeat fathers…

new: sorry if this seems sexist. it’s really not. i mentioned not all guys are like that.  i have very close friends that would handle themselves well in this situation; and this is TEENAGE pregnancy.

Let’s take a look at statistics:
3/10 teen girls in the US get pregnant at least once before they turn 20.
They didn’t do it alone right?  But yet, most have to go THROUGH it alone.
How about this one:
80% of fathers DO NOT MARRY the teen mother of their child.

I am in the very high 80% of that statistic.  Most Guys are jerks.  They are losers.  They only want that moment from you, and dont care if they beat it later on when it gets tough.  Really, some guys may be different. I’ve seen some.  But it’s rare.  You can agree with that.  I’m not trying to be rude, harsh, or negative, but it’s reality. And i’m living it. I’m done with all the drama that comes along.  He has dated my best friend, and we ALL know what goes along with that.  He’s said horrible things ABOUT me and DIRECTLY to me.  It hurt.  I was crushed, but it only made me stronger in the end, and I’m done.  Everybody can see through him, and no one thinks highly.  I understand he is young, and confused, and I feel for him to SOME LEVERL, but he’s 18.  A lot of teenage pregnancies can start as early as 13 or 14 these days.  What do you think THOSE FATHERS would do? I got lucky, if that is even what you could call it. It sucks.  It’s awful.  It’s reality.

Target Baby

I guess that’s it…


~ by ashleysalazar on June 25, 2009.

One Response to “Deadbeat fathers…”

  1. guys are stupid.

    you dont need them, you are so strong and beautiful.

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