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People have been posting the sweetest things to me, and it definitely makes me feel better in this situation.  Thank you whoever you are.

Right now, things have been going okay.  No complications, tests came back all normal and healthy, and my symptoms are definitely better in some places, but definitely worse in others.  I start work at TJ Maxx within the week, and I’m doing well.  It is still emotionally rough, though.  =[

Time is running out.

Here are some posts some people left. I definitely appreciate it, and I was lucky and one of the more fortunate to have so many good people around. Lol, Some people definitely have their own way of expressing things.

please don’t give up, prove to all the bitches that say ” teens can’t raise good kids” that it’s possible i know you’ll raise an amazing kid 🙂

you’re a great girl! I admire you!

Your still the most beautiful thing ever, even when your knocked up. Your one of the most courageous women I have ever met. A True Hero.

inside, and out you’re a beautiful girl, and there is no doubt that if you keep that BOY in your stomach, you will make a fantastic mother because of your caring personality. you’re far more mature than anyone your age, and i really respect you for that

okay, seriously. if i were in your situation right now, i’d be fucking scared out of my ass. and I would have no idea what to do. just the idea of bringing a child into this world scares THE absolute shit out of me. and i have an enormous BEYOND enormous amount of respect for you. i really, really don’t think i could do it. and i completely whole heartedly agree with whoever said you’d raise an amazing kid. i hope all goes well, man, you are so fucking strong, and you deserve the best.

i find it hard to believe you are going through this. i hope you finish your senior year though. don’t let this stop you. the baby isn’t the hardest thing. that’s the gift. keep your standards high!

your going to be the best mother there is i have faith in you! i promise you, you can do it!


~ by ashleysalazar on July 7, 2009.

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