going through

Today I met with an adoption agency called the Gladney Center.  It was basically an introduction about everything they offer, like counseling, etc, and next week im meeting with a case worker to discuss “signatures,” picking the adoptive family, and going on the with adoptive process.  I can’t believe I’m actually going through with this, but it’s honestly for the best.  Like I’ve listed before, there are many reasons for this baby to be with a better family.  I just want it to have everything it possibly can to lead a good life.  I got a little teary, but I held it in, because this is where I have to be strong.  I will just keep reminding myself, it would be selfish to take this baby home, and this is for the best. This baby will be so happy and thank me later on.  This is official now.  There’s no turning back.  I can’t, and I won’t.  This is making me a stronger person every second and helping me realize so many things I didn’t before.  This baby is set for life.

And most of all, i’m going to be giving two beautiful people an awesome gift that nobody else can give them.


~ by ashleysalazar on July 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “going through”

  1. Hey… well i mean i guess its a good decision putting your baby up for adoption if you really REALLY cant provide for him\her… But you said your too young and your not ready… I was 15 when i got pregnant you think i was ready? Heck no! & my family situation was way worse than anybody Ive met. Were i lived was hell but i couldn’t give up this baby. I had to grow up whether i liked it or not, i had to tell the dad to get a job whether he liked it or not and he did. And even if he didn’t want to i would have put child support on him and either way he would have had to help me. And there’s a lot of places that can help you with your baby. And about you going to college… yea that’s good but i had to put college off for a while to take care of my son. So i can be there for him and once his bigger like a year old i can put him in daycare. Theres daycare’s were you don’t even have to pay money that’s how much they help you out. I get all the help i needed from all those places. But idk that’s your decision i just get all like sad that you will give your baby away. But maybe you don’t want to go through all of the responsibilities that come with having a baby…. But maybe you should think about it… Having your baby and watching them grow up, crawl, talk, and walking is the most precious thing ever. You don’t want to miss out on those moments… but its your decision i was just saying lol cuz idkk it gets to me.

  2. I looked into it. I would have to pay daycare, with a waiting list, which is a minimum of 800 a month. I don’t qualify for free day care, since I live at home, in a good neighborhood, and my mother makes good money. But, I dont make that. I’m not going to expect my mother to pay for everything. The father is moving, he wont be around and he WONT be paying child support. I can’t put off college, there’s no way, or I will never go back. There is no one to help. I’ve also never been independent. I can hardly take care of myself. Maybe you were stronger than I was, and a different person, but this is what I have to do. And to be honest, no I DONT want those responsibiliies. I’m not ready and I’m just not willing to do this. I don’t see why my baby should have to suffer for years while I get on my feet, and with a nanny. It will never be with family since my mom works ALL DAY, my sister is too young to take care of it, and I will be working full time, whether I go to college or not. I just know this is the right thing. A family with money, stay at home mom, or dad, whatever, only child, and BOTH parents will provide much better.

  3. Hi, I just wanted to say, to give a baby up for adoption is the best gift for the child and the adoptive parents. If you are young and have no support give your baby a life, a future and a home with two parents. NO one is the same and every situation is different. I applaud you and your SMART decision. You are giving your baby the best. they will always know the strength and love that you gave them

  4. Who is anna? And thank you, i have support, it’s just, because of all the reasons I listed, and being 17 make me , AS A PERSON, incapable of raising a child

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