I’m sorry

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I try to be nice, and I guess apparently you are too.  But don’t put a “WE” in this.  WE arent giving up our child for adoption.  I’M putting up MY child for adoption.  I thought maybe it does affect you.  Maybe you are sincere when you say you want to see her and you would do this if we were stable and everything.  Maybe I’m stupid to believe you for a second. Maybe I’m stupid for feeling bad for you.

But, when I see things like your new girlfriend posting things to you, and posting pictures of HER children to you that YOU are taking care of, that’s what makes me mad.  And makes me think that maybe you are the liar.  And maybe you are the one who is missing out on your daughter’s life. And maybe YOU are the one who will regret this.  So take care of your new children and live a happy, happy life.


~ by ashleysalazar on September 13, 2009.

One Response to “I’m sorry”

  1. I would have to say it must be hard watching the father of your child raise someone else’s children, when they aren’t even his!! Keep your head up!! Life will start looking up for you again!! You are doing the right thing11

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