It’s times like these
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That things are extremely hard.  I’m really, really sad, to put things lightly.

There is only one person I want to be with. And it’s really kind sad, that I cant.

There is only one more person whose support I want.  And it’s really kind of confusing as to why I want it.

There is only one person I want to be mine forever.  And it’s really kind of unfortunate that things can’t work out that way.

But, I will let that go

And, I will figure something out.

Finally, I will reassure myself again, it’s best.  I’m just afraid of what the absense of that feeling will do.  Or if there is no disappearance at all, and it only grows stronger, then what? Stay reassured. That’s what.

(note: about 3 separate people)


~ by ashleysalazar on September 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “It’s times like these”

  1. I cant express to you enough how much my heart hurts for you. I want to wipe away your tears and take away your pain. I know that God has a plan and will carry you through this. Keep trusting in him and everything will work out according to his will. That is a promise!!!

  2. i do feel for you honestly… but no matter what this is a two person thing .. u and the father. u cant decide all on ur own. there is another person involved in this. as much as he doesnt want to be involved he is, and always will be. can u imagine when this child grows up and wnats to find their mother and father? then what? will you want to be a part of their lives? i just really want you to think long and hard. i think this is all coming out because i am unable to have children and horribly, i do not want to adopt. i want my OWN children and delivery them MYSELF. this is the worst feeling but i know you will find somebody to love and care for your child. i just find it really sad that u feel u cant do that yourself. no teen is ever really ready for a child but obviously it was meant to be and u fell pregnant. i really hope you consider keeping this beautiful baby girl beacause really it is a miracle and im sure you would have so much support even if you dont think so.

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